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SMOKE Jazz Club Debut: October 4th
7pm & 9pm

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Abena featured on
Natalie Merchant's latest album,
"Keep Your Courage"



Abena performs with Natalie Merchant 

Resistance Revival Chorus performs "Let It Be" at Carnegie Hall

"The New York City Chapter of The Resistance Revival Chorus then took the stage. The chorus is “a collective of more than 60 women, and non-binary singers, who join together to breathe song and joy into the resistance and to uplift and center women’s voices,” according to the Resistance Revival Chorus. The group performed The Beatles’ “Let It Be.” In doing so, they transformed the event into an interactive experience between the performer and the audience. They radically broke down all barriers between performer and viewer; between stage and seat.

They put their arms up to the sky, and audience members did the same. They danced, and the audience danced. The grand, wide-open room that is Carnegie Hall suddenly became one. They walked tall off the stage to a symphony of cheers, snaps, and the sudden shuffling of a standing ovation – The first of the night."

- NYS Music

Woke Up This Morning

Abena Koomson Davis- Lead Vocal

Norah Jones - Backing Vocal

Amy Helm - Backing Vocal

John Medeski - Organ

Meshell Ndegeocello - Bass

Steve Jordan - Drums

Daniel Littleton - Guitar


Abena serves as Musical Director for the Resistance Revival Chorus. 

The Resistance Revival is a regular series of musical events where we bring song to life in the spirit of collective joy and resistance. We aim to bring together, in community, a group of diverse artists to join in songs of resistance and protest with the foundation that JOY is an act of resistance! Our movement must be fueled by equal parts protest and culture.  Music and protest songs have always been a hallmark of the great civil rights movements. We honor this tradition by uplifting these songs and creating new ones for the new resistance.

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